Angela Carrubba 2014

With the all-new exhibition dedicated to the Greek heroines, the artist Angela Carrubba returns to his hometown with a work conceived specifically for the centenary of the representation of Greek tragedies in Syracuse. The preview of the exhibition was presented in Milan at Palazzo Serbelloni.Through a charming display of fact sheets, installation, video and performance art photographs Angela Carrubba delivery seven heroines of Greek mythology: Medea, Andromache, Alcestis, Antigone, Iphigenia, Electra, and Helen. Heroines or simply women, human and divine, sublime and fatal, but always eternal, their tragic events “ooze” of matter in the pigments used by the artist with a technique of its own. Each heroine is played with a solid color and strong color contrasts of gold, silver, bronze, white, purple, red, purple, blue, yellow, ecru and yellow are printed on long strips of linen that make up the corpus of the exhibition.

Milan, 6-8 June 2014 Serbelloni Palazzo Venezia 16