Fuori Salone FEDUA 2016

Young enamels brand Made in Italy, will be present at Fuorisalone 2016 with an event at the MADZONE space in via Brera, 2. The event, curated by Marcello Albini, well-known architect and interior designer, is built around an installation in Gobbetto resin and Vismara Attilio methacrylate in which the cans of paint Fedua are embedded. A set of lights, sounds and forms, at the hands of the eclectic and said lighting designer Davide Trentacoste, creating an indissoluble marriage between art and design in order to create a “sculpture suspended in space.” The alternation of transparent plates in satin sheets, illuminated by shafts of light that change shape and intensity, color sculpture, creating a rainbow optical, as described by the designer. Matteo Volta, known and accredited fashion photographer, develops video that supports the sculpture. The main character, Serena Arches, established models and Luke Gonzini partners, with a white dress optical, is wrapped by continuous color changes. coloured powders enliven the scene and reflect the meaning of the brand with total white latex Model helping to create a digital environment achromatic containing the true protagonist of the video. This moment of art, design and emotions welcomes visitors at the entrance of the space and fits in the “Africa Remix” concept that characterises the entire location.

Milan, 12-17 April 2016 MADZONE Via Brera, 2