Palazzo Costa Crociere 2010

The idea that jog the lighting design creation for the glass case of Palazzo Costa Crociere was inspired by the sea with its colours, its perpetual motion and the world that ideally surrounds the marine environment. The interpretation of these elements has been developed using colours and fades mixed together.

It begins with the rise of white tones, as if to represent the effervescence of waves break on the beach, then continue with the alternation of colours ranging between the different shades of blue (ideally symbolize the sky and the sea), the intense blue (representing the deep sea), pale green mixed with magenta (epitomising the Caribbean waters, the flora and fauna of the sea). The inclusion of an emphasis inspired by the Costa Cruise’s colours (yellow and blue) are alternating with the various scenarios listed to strengthens the identity of the Palazzo Costa Crociere.The project took more than 3 years before been realised. The designs of LED RGBW light fixtures was especially studied for the building. The controlling, the connections, the lighting program and the automation were completly customised. Palazzo Costa Crociere is equipped with more than 4000 LED, the brain which take care of all those lights is Wholehog 3 that communicate with the fixture via artnet’s protocol.

Piazza Piccapietra Genoa Italy