Our experience includes exterior and interior works in the international market, including ships, yachts, showrooms, educational institutions, public spaces, buildings’ facades, interiors and exhibits.

Our works are always conducted in synergy with owners, architectures, interior designers, engineers, developers, so that we are able to really focus on the aesthetic and creative goals of the final product in the complete awareness of the existing technical, economic and environmental limitations, and consequently dealing with them to reach the best results.

This is a context in which we need to provide the best solutions, the best support, guidance and advises to many different professional categories, we need to know their worlds, their difficulties, their necessities and we need to make all these people’s work shine to the best.
To this scope we try to keep apprised of the most recent technologies, the best technical solutions and informed about all the possible factors that can intervene in the efficiency of a public assembly facility.