Lighting Design

An artistic process enters in dialogue and must interpenetrate with other artistic works. It’s not structure, it’s not decoration, but it equally determines the use of a space and it’s success. It’s like a magic touch, able to switch on the sun in a rainy day. A lighting designer needs to cover different roles, first of all needs a practical sense, the one of being able to find the most simple solution in the most natural way, like a craftsman does. Therefore a designer needs to be creative till the point of been visionary, being able to pull unexpected solutions out of the hat. This can only be obtained by a great collaboration with the client, and with a subtle understanding of his real needs, expectations and tastes. A good designer must have many cards in his hands, to find different levels of technological solutions for different budgets and schedules, and sometimes to adapt extreme solutions to extreme budgets and schedules… and still, always, surprise the client!
Then .. if you agree with what above.. Welcome!
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